Benefits of Handwritten Letters for Childrens Skill Development

Sending letters may seem like a lost art, but we all know that special feeling of receiving a handwritten note in the mail. It’s a unique way of connecting that can be held and revisited throughout our lives. It inspires us to slow down and pause. To sit in our favorite chair and prioritize thoughtfulness. These times are needed more than ever as they have become less abundant in our fast paced day to day.

“Receiving a handwritten letter is a tactile experience that can evoke strong emotions. It can be a reminder of a loved one’s presence, even when they are far away.” – Dr. Arthur Aron, social psychologist and author of “The Science of Attachment”

In a 2022 study titled “The Benefits of Handwritten Letters for Children”  by researchers at the University of Minnesota, the benefits of receiving physical mail for children was highlighted. The research showed that children who received handwritten letters had better fine motor skills, handwriting skills, and critical thinking skills than children who did not receive handwritten letters.

A separate study conducted by the University of Texas, Arlington showed that young children who wrote letters back and forth to extended family members improve their literacy skills. Further, these children are also shown to develop a stronger connection with distant relatives.

In the age of digital communication, we can send messages across the world in an instant, but one can argue that the effort that goes into writing a letter is appreciate by all.  It reaches to an innate sense of connection that feels more authentic than a fleeting text message. And that is not surprising. From love letters to postcards, they have been used to connect people for centuries, and are physical records of our relationships






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