From your imagination to their mailbox

Kaboo is bringing back the magic of physical mail…

and creating a better way for you to connect with and celebrate your loved ones across the world.

Strengthen Long Distance Relationships

Say goodbye to distracted, awkward phone calls with family members who live abroad or in a different city. 

Kaboo provides a consistent and effortless way for loved ones to connect meaningfully through the magic of personalized mail.

Connect With Your roots

Foster a strong relationship with your familial culture. We celebrate multi-cultural realities of the immigrant experience. Kaboo creates a special experience of connection through unique, diverse, and fusion art from our curated list of independent artists and card designers.

Improve Children’s Communication Skills

Enhance children’s communication skills while bridging intergenerational distance. In an online, attention-deficit world, Kaboo’s system is the anti-dote to instant gratification. Writing and reading physical cards is proven to improve communication and interpersonal skills. That is why Kaboo is a child-psychologist approved experience!

Rethink The Physical Mail Experience

International mail can take weeks, months, possibly longer. Kaboo’s unique localized last-mile delivery system makes it so your loved ones can receive their card in as little as 3-4 business days once mailed!

Stuck because you don’t have someone’s address? Kaboo can help you create a card, and get their address on your behalf.

Received a card? Kaboo helps you notify the sender the moment you “unlock” it using our unique QR codes. 

Elevate Your Child’s Overall Well-Being

At its core, Kaboo builds relationships. One of the defining factors of mental wellness is healthy relationships. Kaboo aspires for every child to know they have supportive network of loved ones, no matter where they live. Kaboo is designed to nurture emotional well-being for all of users by fostering a sense of belonging and community.

Support Independent, Multicultural Artists

Kaboo works with independent designers who are aligned with Kaboo’s values of diversity, and inclusivity. We bring bilingual, multicultural, fusion card designs that celebrate the global immigrant and diaspora experience…through art!

Don’t just take our word for it.

Hear from our Kaboo Users

Kaboo is amazing! My daughter has created several cards for our loved ones back in India.

-- Seema H. CA, USA

"My cousin received his card in India already! This was super easy and simple! I would definitely use this again !"

Neerali D TX, USA

"My niece in India received the card. But it was my sister who was over the moon, and she has now framed the card"

Rashmi TX, USA

"I loved it! It was wonderful to be able to celebrate rakhi with my sister even though we live so far away from each other."

Raghav IL, USA

"My 6 year old misses her family in India and loves making cards for her cousins - Kaboo makes it so easy for her to celebrate these special occasions with them"

Savita WA, USA

When text or email wont do, Send Kaboo!