Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

We are excited for you to learn more about how to use Kaboo!

Kaboo allows you to send a personalized, physical greeting card internationally without having to worry about going to a post office, stamps, or other hassles around sending physical cards. Just follow these easy steps: 

  • Select your recipient. 
  • Pick your card design from the Kaboo card gallery
  • Type up a personalized message (or upload a pre-written, handwritten message)
  • Upload photos, voice message, or even a video message. 
  • Confirm your information
  • Hit Send!

Your recipient will then get an email to confirm their address. Kaboo will create, print, and ship your card for you. 

Recipients will receive their card in about 4 days (after it has been mailed out). Each card will have a unique QR code. When recipients scan this QR code using the camera on their phone, they will see any photos, voice messages, or videos that you uploaded for them.

A single Kaboo card is currently being offered at a flat rate of $USD 6.99  (+taxes). And this includes the card, envelope, international/domestic shipping, along with the convenience and the digital archival of your message on the Kaboo app. Pretty great deal!

We understand that sometimes you may want to send someone a card, but you may not have their address right in that moment. Instead of letting the moment pass, Kaboo will still enable you to complete the process of creating and sending a card.

Kaboo will contact the recipient on your behalf using the email you provide us and ask them to provide or confirm their physical address.

We will be introducing the ability to use your own custom artwork as the front design of the card in December 2023! We know this will help you preserve and share more special moments between your kids and loved ones.

In the meantime, feel free to upload that artwork as part of our digital attachment feature!

Kaboo cards are all about blending the physical experience of receiving/sending a card with all the benefits of technology. We offer digital attachments so that you can add a personalized voice note, video message, or just a photo that is privately shared between you and the recipient. It is an additional memento to celebrate the relationship.

We are also experimenting with bringing voice translation or captioning to these digital attachments to bridge language differences experienced in intergenerational relationships. Stay tuned!


As of October 2023, we have enabled uploading a handwritten message for the message section of the card. A customer can choose either to type a message in the message box, or use the "Upload Handwritten Message" feature as explained below. That uploaded image will then be printed on the inside of the physical card.

When you send a card with Kaboo, you only pay for the card you send.

At this point we do not offer a subscription service, but we are planning to offer one in early 2024. 

When a recipient scans the QR code on a physical Kaboo card, they get a chance to "unlock" the card. The QR code is a unique identifier to the digital version of your card (no two cards will have the same QR code).

You want to "unlock" the card by scanning the QR code because:

  1. It automatically informs the sender that you received the card - no more guessing!
  2. It "unlocks" the digital version of your card online that may include attached photos or videos from the sender.
  3. Scanning the QR code also gives you a direct link to the Kaboo site and allows you to send easy and  personalized Thank You cards back to the sender!

Yes. 200 characters. This is just to make sure your message fits on the card and is readable. If there is more you want to say, record and upload a video message!

Right now we are not able to offer formatting edits to the message printed. But it is something we are hoping to release as a new feature soon!

Kaboo is proud to offer card delivery to supported countries (only India and USA right now) in approximately 4 business days from the time the physical address of your recipient is input. We also offer delivery to Canadian addresses, but cannot guarantee the same 4 day delivery times for cards sent to Canada.

1. Check if recipient received an email from Kaboo asking for their physical address. Cards are only sent after a physical address is input. 

2. If a physical address was provided, but the card was still not received, please contact team@sendkaboo.com

For your security, we ensure only the email address provided by the sender or recipient can receive passcodes. Please check your email inbox and folders for a passcode email from team@sendkaboo.com.

Please contact us at team@sendkaboo.com if you have any changes to your order. Once the card has been shipped, there are no changes

Please send any questions, concerns, and feedback to us at team@sendkaboo.com. We will get back to you within 1-2 business days!

A beta app is a version of the app that is still under development. We have made the Kaboo app available to our users on a limited capacity basis as we continue to build new features and improvements, based on your feedback. Please do provide us your candid, constructive feedback so we can make the Kaboo experience even better for you and your loved ones!