From Little Hands to Distant Lands

Kaboo in Action

screen of the Kaboo app home page for an account holder

The Kaboo app is organized to make keeping in touch a fun, gamified experience. Create an account, and see the magic unfold!

1. Identify Whom You Want To Send A Card

Start with intention to connect with a loved one.

2. Pick a unique card designed by Kaboo or one of our multicultural, diverse Artist Collaborators.

Celebrate your diverse diaspora and immigrant traditions because representation matters!

3. Type your message or upload a handwritten message!

You can also also add voice, video or images that help you express yourself.

5. Your Remote Loved One Receives Their Card !

Send cards across the world! You are notified when your recipient receives their card in the mail, and unlocks it by scanning the QR Code.

4. Send your card! And automatically archive all your sent and received cards

Your memories are safely organized with Kaboo to build your relationship over time.

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