While we have more ways to stay connected using technology, as a society we are experiencing more social isolation and disconnection.

Our Story

Kaboo was started with a vision to improve the lives of diaspora children, and not have distance be a barrier to meaningful relationships. The immigrant experience can be frustrating, especially when trying to connect with or relate to loved ones abroad. 

For children under the age of 13 years, technology is especially limited because video calls or just text messages feel fleeting. They don’t create a strong connection unless there is already a foundation. There is nothing more heartfelt than receiving a personalized message in the mail, something that one can tangibly hold and read without distractions.

Kaboo innovates on a centuries-old solution by bringing modern, digital twist  for kids, parents, and their loved ones to build memories . We are excited to bring back to the magic of physical mail to the younger generation!

"Having a supportive extended family can help children feel more connected and supported, which in turn can help reduce anxiety and depression, and bring higher levels of self-esteem, better social skills, and lower rates of behavioral problems."
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Journal of Family Psychology

What does Kaboo mean?

The name Kaboo comes from the Hindi word for pigeon – “KABOOTAR”. Kaboo descends from a long line of homing pigeons, famous for their mail-carrying abilities.

Meet our Founder - Neha Shah

Our founder Neha got the idea to build Kaboo after one Christmas where she had no clue what to gift her nieces and nephews. Because she didn't see them every day, most of her understanding of their life was through what their parents posted on social media or text message threads. Video calls with the kids were a rare treat, but too short, and also a bit awkward, if not entirely interrupted due to technology issues. She spoke to hundreds of parents, grandparents, family members, and kids about this dynamic. With the help of the Kaboo Advisory Board, she identified a kid-friendly and senior-friendly technology solution to solve this problem. Kaboo was launched as a hybrid physical-digital communications platform in Fall 2023!

Our founder Neha Shah is a tech entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience in business and product strategy. She is a first-generation immigrant and third-culture kid who grew up in four different countries. 

She is passionate about bridging cultures and creating kid-focused products. She was previously founder of a child-development focused baby wearable company. In addition to starting Kaboo, she is also the author of a bilingual children’s book series “Meet Buckley”.

Kaboo's Advisory Board includes prominent child psychologists, family relationship experts and mental wellness professionals

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